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Pauline Chin from Malaysia Wed, 29 Apr, 2009

Hi Yanti & Frankie,
Just dropping by for a long overdue "THANK YOU" for your generosity recently. We enjoyed the trip. I have started the ball rolling, you may see better results this year, fingers crossed.

Christopher Gunilla Anders Ann-Cristin from Sweden Fri, 21 Mar, 2008

After 14 days the longing is growing stronger to go back to Borneo. We´re now sitting back home and watching how the vind grab the snow and invite to a dance. One thing is for shure. We will be back. Back to the Nature, back to the climate and of course, back to our loving friends. We have so much more to explore and I think we lleft a little bit of our hearts there. Once again, thank you and we looking forward to see you here some day. Now we have to dress for a walk. If you have the opportunity, don´t wait, just GO there.

Pauline from United Kingdom Fri, 24 Aug, 2007

A very big "thank you" to every one of you - another fantastic stay and enriching experience at Tempurung. It was very difficult to stay on a diet, faced with the wonderful meals provided. Thinking about next time already! With fondest thoughts, Pauline xxx

Melvin, Rachel and Michael from Malaysia Wed, 22 Aug, 2007

Yanti and Frankie and Everyone
Tempurung is a treasure! We love it. Food is great, the beach is beautiful and baby Michael found dinner, a stingray. I"ll send photos back.

Happy Easter

Jessi Sadler from Australia Tue, 24 Jul, 2007

My stay was very exiting and the hospitality superb, very friendly staff and beautiful people. All the best guys. Thanks so mjuch for a wonderful holidays.