Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo Overview

Sarawak, home of the Long Houses is one of the two Malaysian states that formed part of Borneo. She is also known as the Land Of The Hornbills. Historically, she was under the governance of the Brooke family for about 100 years starting with James Brooke who later became known as the White Rajah. It is therefore no surprise that there are many remnants of colonial buildings that can be found here. Rich in culture, its population consist of the Ibans, Malays, Chinese, Bidayuhs, Penans, Orang Ulu, Dayaks, Melanaus many others. Most of these tribes still practised their ancient aged old customs and traditions especially during the festive season, which is a joy to watch.

The allure of the Long Houses situated deep in the rainforest and trying to get there via the meandering rivers by long boats attracts visitors especially those seeking an adventure. Sarawak has many national parks where plants and animals of varied species are protected, thus a perfect spot for trekking enthusiasts and the naturalist.

She is also home to the Malaysia’s 2nd World Heritage Site, which is the Mulu National Park where you can find one of the world’s most intriguing cave systems. Start off your adventure in Borneo by visiting one of the many captivating long houses.