Brunei - Overview

Brunei, known as The Abode of Peace is now just a remnants of once a mighty empire that includes the whole of Borneo and some parts of the Philippines. She is now one of the smallest countries in the world but blessed with her petroleum wealth, it is also one of the richest. Soaring mosques, largest water village, world largest palace and among the world’s best kept rainforest are some of its features.

Brunei has a population of slightly over 400,000 mostly Malays, Chinese and Ibans. Historically recorded history, Brunei existed since 7th century under the Sri Vijaya empire  of Sumatra. The Capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan, a vibrant city with both modern and traditional architecture with a fusion of majestic opulence. The Ulu Temburong National Park has one of the most diverse eco-system in the world, some untouched by man, unspoiled and untamed, a perfect for place for a short sojourn.