Of course when you plan your holidays or travels for whatever intentions, you want them to be trouble free as much as possible, therefore being asked questions is very routine for us. To make it easier, we list down below for your ease of convenience some purportedly questions you might ask.

No. Questions   Answers

What can I do or see in Borneo?

  There are so much to see depending on your interest. We have a very varied culture, abundance of wildlife, exotic rainforest, highest mountain in the Malay archipelago, superb snorkelling and diving spots, fantastic beaches and islands.
2. How do I get there?       There are so many ways to get here. There direct flights from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, several cities in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Perth in Australia and Brunei.

Do I need a visa?

  It is advisable to check with the respective Malaysian embassy or consulate. 
4. How is the weather there?   Rain and shine throughout the year. Temperature between 30 to 35 celsius. Dry months are between April and September and wet months between October and March.