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“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”


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Borneo Authentic Adventure was born some 15 years ago to offer guests and visitors some choice of friends to work with in Borneo. We offer guest similar tours as other operators and do not try to be different, but we offer Borneo tours with some added flavour. At the same time we built “Tempurung Seaside Lodge” and the adventure begun. For our revered guests at the seaside lodge, apart from enjoying the beach and "getting lost in the village", as an added activity, we pioneered the river cruise at the Klias River where visitors get to spot the proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. We are proud that today the Klias Wetland has become a major tourist attraction.

In the early years of our operation, we were employed as a contractor and supplier to support the tourism industry but have since move on. Armed with all these years of experiences, we decided to be on our own since 2002.

Travelling has always been our passion and we know what the traveller’s expectations are, therefore we love to help you plan your holidays, Authentic Holidays that hold memories which will last a lifetime and perhaps craved for more.

Our travel ideas focuses mainly on community based packages, incorporating eco-friendly accommodations, concentrating on low volume areas and employing 100 percent local tribes as guides. Our tours are intended to bring our guests and their host into a bond, understanding each other's way of life, thus widening horizons. Sharing is caring, we are sure you will be mighty proud that knowing a portion of whatever tourism revenue generated from you will make some people smile and very happy.

We are all born and bred in this land, therefore rest assured that our enthusiastic and devoted team has all the necessary knowledge and experience to help and advise you choose your tours or organise a custom made itinerary to suit your interest and dates. Enriched your travel experience with us and please feel free to ask us any questions with no obligation at all.



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